Thuja plicata 'Can-can'

Can-can Western arborvitae

CODE: 01B-0002
ZONE: 5a
PRICE: $10.00
POT SIZE: 4.5"sq x 5.0", 1004 ml

I've had a lot of people ask me about dwarf conifers for the Midwest, so when I saw Can-can I just knew that we had to carry it.

Western arborvitae are underused in the landscape; instead, we often focus on Eastern arborvitae. I'm not sure why -- maybe it's because there aren't as many cultivars of Western arborvitae. Yet, generally speaking, it's more heat tolerant, has glossier foliage, tolerates a wider range of soils, and unlike it's eastern counterpart, is deer resistant.

Can-can has all of these superior features and more. Although subtle, each dark green leaf is tipped in cream, giving the plant more depth and a finer texture. And then there's the issue of height. Ultimately reaching six to eight feet, it grows to about three feet in ten years.

It's been quite a popular tree in Europe and is often used for hedges or as small specimen plantings. It performs best in moist soils, but it will still perform admirably in regular clay.

One last thing -- I'm sure that given its small size and tight pyramidal habit, trees like this might sprout brightly colored electric bulbs in late December if planted near an outlet. I know that mine will.

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