Geranium 'Tiny Monster'

Tiny Monster geranium

CODE: 00B-0004
ZONE: 5b
PRICE: $9.00
POT SIZE: 4.5"sq x 5.0", 1004 ml

This new geranium out of Countess Helen Von Stein's nursery in Germany is the result of a cross between Geranium sanguineum and Geranium psilostemon. It takes some of the best qualities from each. G. psilostemon provides it with vigor and more intense coloration, while G. sanguineum keeps it short and provides the pink flower colors.

It's really a nice geranium and quite aptly named. Barely reaching 10 inches in height, it happily spreads as much as two feet wide on trailing stems. The 1 1/2" diameter five-petaled flowers are a beautiful pink with dark burgundy veination.

Although you can deadhead the plants, it's unnecessary since this is a sterile hybrid. It will rebloom throughout the summer either way. If the foliage declines at all, just snip it back and the plant will send out flushes of new growth.

It's happiest in moist, humusy soils with good drainage, but it still does quite well in average soil. Just make sure that it doesn't dry out too much or the leaves may start to brown.

I have this planted at the base of Amsonia hubrichtii where it can wander between the stalks. It's particularly fetching in the fall when the leaves turn purplish-bronze in contrast with the Amsonia's golden yellow color.

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