Asarum canadense

Wild ginger

CODE: 002-0001
ZONE: 4a
PRICE: $6.00
POT SIZE: 4.5"sq x 3.5", 475 ml

This handsome native groundcover is the cornerstone of many wildflower gardens, including my own. Forming a soft-textured mat of dusky green kidney to heart-shaped leaves, it's perfect in open spaces under ferns and larger perennials like Cimicifuga ramosa 'Brunette'.

Although attractive when viewed closely, the one-inch wide maroon-purple flowers are usually hidden from view under a floating mat of foliage.

Despite the name, wild ginger isn't related to culinary ginger. The stems, however, were used by early Americans as a ginger substitute. Having nibbled on one or two myself, I have to say that I'm glad we switched.

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Courtesy Missouri Botanical PlantFinder